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Is Dwight York And Malachi York The Names Of The Same Person

Who Is Dwight D. York?
U.S. Attorney Max Wood is quoted as saying "He is Dwight D. York, a con man from Brooklyn...". What the public must first realize is that U.S. Attorney Max Wood, Assist. U.S. Attorneys Richard Multrie and Stephanie Thacker, Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills and the rest of the prosecution are all influenced by the book called Ansar Cult In America, by Billal Philips. Even the term "cult" that is often used by the prosecution and the media was propagated by Mr. Philips. It was Bilaal Philips who made statements and claims that Chief Black Thunderbird also known as Dr. Malachi Z. York was from Brooklyn, the leader of a cult, and was named Dwight D. York. Mr. Philips wrote the book Ansar Cult in American back in 1989. Dr. Malachi Z. York shortly after, authored a rebuttal book that was 3 times the size of Bilaal's original, called Ansar Cult In America - Rebuttal To The Slanderers also in 1989. In the rebuttal book, Dr. Malachi Z. York unquestionably refuted all claims and slander made by Bilaal Phillips. The prosecution wants to hide this fact, but we are telling the other side of the story.
Firstly, Dr. Malachi Z. York was born June 26th 1945 in Omdurman, Sudan to Faatimah Maryam whos english name is Mary C. York and Al Haadi Abdur Rahman Al Madhi. He was given the Arabic name "Isa" by his grandfather Salah Hailak Al Ghalat. As it is a custom in Sudan that the male members of the family to also have their father's name, he also aquired his father's name. His father's name being Al Haadi Abdur Rahman Al Madhi, may God rest his soul. His full name at birth was Isa Al Haadi Al Madhi and if you check the records in the Hall of Records in Sudan you will see that his birth was indeed recorded. No birth certificate was issued because one was not required by law as a Sudanese. Upon arriving back in the United States in Boston Massachusetts, he was registered on July 3rd 1945 A.D. as male "York" and an American birth certificate was drawn up.

Just like everyone else, there are 2 sides to the family, the mother's and the father's. The name "York" comes from his mother's previous marriage to a man named David P. York who is a descendant of Ben York of the Louis and Clark Expedition. His mother Mary C. York's maiden name is Mary C. Williams, daughter of Leila and Bobby Williams. Leila Williams was the sister to David P. York's father making Mary C. York and David P. York related by blood linking back to Ben York.
As stated before, Dr. Malachi Z. York was given the arabic name Isa Al Haadi Al Madhi at birth which was the name he used up until 1992 when he legally changed his name from Isa Al Haadi Al Madhi to Malachi York. Malachi York became his legal name when Honorable Judge Robert Williams ordered the authorization on March 12th 1993. This has been his legal name ever since. Dr. Malachi Z. York was never legally known as Dwight D. York and in fact Dwight York is the name of his oldest son.

Dwight York vs. Malachi YorkThey have the wrong man!!!
Imagine if you were a special prosecutor, you spearheaded a three year criminal case with six years of investigation, you rallied hundreds of federal agents and other law enforcement from over 10 different counties to execute the largest raid in the history of Georgia just to arrest one man, you succeeded in getting around 4 faulty indictments and convinced newspapers like the Macon Telegraph and the Union Recorder to print bias and discriminating articles in your favor, you receive hero awards from the Kiwanis Club and the ADL for creating one of the highest profile Native American cases in history. You spent millions of tax payer’s dollars just to destroy lives and ruin families, only to discover that all along you had the WRONG PERSON!!!
That is exactly what Sheriff Howard Richard Sills, Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard S. Moultrie Jr., U.S. Attorney Max Woods and the other state and federal prosecutors have done in their case against “Dwight York”. However they knew all along they had arrested Malachi York, the wrong person. The big question is; If they knew that the charges they launched wasn’t for the man they arrested, indicted, arraigned, degraded and tortured for over 545 days, why not just offer the over due apology and let the man out of prison? The answer is simple THEY CAN NOT AFFORD THAT, they spent too much money and too much time and too many careers are at stake to have it end in “Sorry we had the wrong person”, but we have news for you because according to the law, that is exactly what has to happen because you do have the wrong person.
Since the beginning of this trial the name that has been on all of the documentation has been Dwight D. York, however the man they have in prison is Malachi Z. York. How did that happen? The whole confusion started and was perpetrated by an over zealous Sheriff of a small county Putnam County Sheriff Howard Richard Sills and his efforts to find “dirt” on Malachi Z. York Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird of the Yamassee Native Americans. He was unsuccessful because there were no felonious records for Malachi; the name didn’t come up, however the name that did come up was “Dwight”. So instead of apologizing for thinking that the only way a Black Native American chief could be as accomplished as he was, would be thru something illegal he starts alleging that Malachi York’s real name is Dwight and it is not. Once again he has let racism and hatred get in the way of the technical facts
Lets start from the beginning, on Malachi York’s Birth Certificate it simply says “York” not Dwight York, and not Dwight D. York, just York.

The Putnam County Sheriff Sills was aware of this fact because it was legally documented on March 15th 2000 in the Deposition of Planning and Engineering Assistant Marianne Tanner, conducted by Attorney Ralph Goldberg and transcribed by certified court reporter, W. Stephen Walker, CCR #B-572. Marianne Tanner openly admitted that she was aware that Malachi York and Dwight York were two different people. She even go as far as to say that she has met Dwight York but has never met Malachi York and that Dwight York was in his 30’s almost half the age of Malachi York.
Even further back in June 29th 1999, when Malachi Z. York was forced to take the stand by Ocmulgee Circuit Superior Court Judge Hugh V. Wingfield III in the case 99-CV-1-1 and the first question asked by the then prosecuting attorney (impersonating the county attorney) Francis Nearn Ford was, “for the record state your name” and Mr. York responded under oath, “Malachi York”. Soon after the judge acknowledged his rights he was allowed off of the witness stand. BUT WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF THAT WAS NOT HIS NAME??? The county would have charged Malachi York with perjury, placed him in contempt for false testimony. Frank Ford or even Sheriff Sills for that matter could have jumped up and said “Ah Ha! We have documents that prove he is lying and his legal name is Dwight!” Both Frank Ford and Sheriff Sills would have loved to catch Mr. York in a lie in public and even better on the stand under oath but they couldn’t. Sheriff Sills knew that Dwight and Malachi was not the same person but he was in too deep to change so that is when he started that A.K.A. business trying to allege that Malachi York uses many names. However out of the names that he did use “Dwight” was never one of them. After investigation of the whole issue with the mistaken identity and the false name, the federal prisons and jails have taken special consideration not to make the same mistake that the prosecution has made so now in their system everything has the name Malachi on it. They won’t even let his mail get to him unless it says “Malachi York”.
When Malachi York receives postal money orders which states that it is legal tender for the United States, it has his legal name Malachi on the money orders. Both money orders and Judge’s orders are legal documents one with state or federal seals and the other with seal from the U.S. Treasury. That means that it is a federal offense to falsify that document in addition and more importantly if Malachi is not his name then every banker that processed and cashed those money orders are guilty of fraud. Every jailer of prison financial officer that ever received or had in their possession, etc. are also guilty of the same thing. One time Malachi’s commissary became so large that the prison had the write Mr. York a check and whose name did they put on there??? That’s Right MALACHI YORK!!! If that is the case then the law enforcement personnel that wrote the check and the bank that cashed it are guilty of fraud and everyone else who had to approve it are accomplices to fraud.
The most resent order by Federal District Judge Ashley C. Royal, the Order for a change of Venue, all throughout the order he refers to his name as Malachi York. Now this is another legal document it doesn’t get any more legal than a Judge’s order. This is further proof that they realize this huge mistake in identity that they made that is going to cost them the whole case. This is the very reason for so long they refuse to release the arrest warrant. They all know that if that arrest warrant doesn’t say Malachi and says Dwight then they are going to have to release Malachi and find Dwight, because the law is very specific and strict in making sure that who is on the warrant is who is being arrested. Of course they are going to argue that the name issue is a mere technicality and they are right it is a technicality and that is why the law is very specific with the requirements that’s needed before you can destroy someone’s life forever to keep the innocent for being wrongfully persecuted. Well Malachi York is just that, wrongfully persecuted, now understand this, many hundreds of thousands of guilty people have been freed based on a technicality; we want to know if that works for the innocent as well. Can they be freed on a technicality a technical mistake? Or does the justice system pick and choose which technical mistakes they have to adhere to and in whose case???
They slipped up once again in a news broadcast on WXIA-TV 11 Alive October 2, 2003 entitled “Nuwaubian Sect Leader Linked to Fake Checks” where it quotes “Police arrested the group’s leader 36-year-old Dwight D. York…” (emphasis added) this is no coincidence they KNOW that they have the wrong person and it is slipping out every day! One could argue that these are all typographical errors or mis-quotes but why is it that all of these “errors” just so happen to be the real Dwight’s age??? They don’t make a mistake and say he is in his 20s or 40s they hit it right on the nail, in his 30s the same age of the man Marianne Tanner claimed to have met!!! All goes to show you that this plot that they devised is coming to an end and its coming fast. Too many lawsuits have come out of mistaken identity and wrongful arrests, and rest assured there will be lawsuits after this wrongful arrest as well. This just shows you how sloppy and un-thorough the work was done behind this case. They were so sure that they would win off of that bogus plea that they half heartedly researched into all the mistakes they are now making, and this is one of the biggest mistakes yet. It will be embarrassing but they brought in on themselves by listening to an over zealous sheriff that wanted nothing more than to bring down a nation of indigenous Native Americans and their chief all because of deeply imbedded racism that has been in the settlers and the confederates for generations. The facts are here and it is only a matter of time now before they are going to have to address this significant mistake. Many legal experts have stated that there are already grounds for a mistrial because if there is any one on the jury that may have known or have any knowledge of the doings of the real Dwight York that could cause them to have a biased opinion while acting as a juror when in fact they would be prejudice against Malachi York thinking it is the son then that ends the trial right there! Once again we assert that if he can’t even get a fair indictment with HIS name on it then he definitely can’t have a fair trial in their court system. Malachi will be freed. We fight on!!!


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