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Consul General:Dr.Malachi Z. York

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Highlight on the Unjust Case against Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. YorkIn an effort to bring growth, stability and restoration to Africa Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York utilized his knowledge on world religions, community development and education to build a foundation that would aid Liberia and other African nations for years to come. All was well until racism’s ugly head surfaced within the Middle District of Georgia amongst elected officials who did not want to see a positive growth of Africans in America, nor of Americans in Africa.

This was when a conspiracy against Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM began.In 1996 A.D.,
Sheriff: Howard Richard Sills, Badge-117, was elected Sheriff of Putnam County,

and from this point on, we, the United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors/Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation, have found ourselves involved in civil case after civil case regarding building and zoning violations. These cases were designed to illegally extort money from the tribe by fining them ridiculous amounts of money for minor building violations on the 476 acres of land that was designated the Consulate Post on December 15, 1999 A.D. by newly appointed Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM . On February 8, 2002 A.D., Judge Hugh V. Wingfield exonerated Consul General: Malachi Z. York ©TM from all charges and claims pertaining to case 99CV1-1 in the Superior Court of Putnam County, involving alleged RICO charges arising from zoning violations on the land at 404 Shady Dale Road. Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM refused to go to these civil hearings and this resulted in further harassment and the issuing of a bench warrant by Judge Hugh V. Wingfield, demanding that he appear in court. Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM , in an effort to resolve the situation, made an appearance in court to aid in the resolution with the county over their obvious acts of racism to prevent the Nuwaubians from building on their land.Sheriff: Howard Richard Sills made it his point to find a way to discredit and degrade our nation over the next seven years.

Our current legal battle is stemming from these civil cases and the fact that we were strong enough to endure and progress towards our mission to provide a positive growth for our country, The Republic of Liberia. Now, this is their final attempt to once again try to extinguish us. Our talk of sovereignty and indigenous rights is what they feared.

The “Key Witness” to the Federal Prosecutor’s case recanted her trial testimony and submitted a video confession and affidavit that was filed in the Middle District Courts with the Motion for a New Trial by Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York’s American Attorneys.

This witness, Ms. Habiba Abigail Washington stated that the charges against Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York are all false and was a conspiracy aided by the corrupt legal practices of Sheriff Howard Richard Sills. Her testimony is the key to breaking this case wide open and now it is being said that her life is being threatened for her changing her testimony. So the likelihood of a new trial hangs in the balance. This is all a legal charade because according to the laws in the Vienna Convention on Consular and Diplomatic Relations, Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York © TM has immunity from all of these charges. But, these revelations have come after two years of unjust legal practices by the Middle District of Georgia and torture.Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM was illegally arrested under an illegal alias, "Dwight York"- a name that is not his nor has he ever legally been known by this name.

He was detained on May 8, 2002 A.D., and at that time was being held by the Federal District of Middle Georgia on 4 counts of transporting minors across state lines for indecent purposes. This arbitrary detention is in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations Article 31. Within this time Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM stated for the record to the arresting officers that he is a Diplomat for the Republic of Liberia and demanded to contact his Embassy. These requests were ignored and he was then thrown to the ground with a gun to his head and demanded to shut up. He again alerted the arresting officers that his diplomatic papers were located at his residence in Athens, GA. Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM later found out that his home was raided and the files he was speaking of were confiscated by FBI agents performing the illegal search and seizure of his Consulate Residence. At the point of his detention he was taken to the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. He was not given phone privileges and was kept in the most deplorable of conditions. While there his medical treatment was ignored and his life threatening illness began to worsen without the aid of any physicians. His personal physician Dr. William S. Thompson, employed by the Consulate office, was refused visitation to check on his patient and further documented the gross medical malpractice that was occurring as it worsened.

Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM was seen before Magistrate Judge Claude Hicks of the Middle District of Macon, GA on May 9th , 13th , and 14th , 2002 A.D. to be arraigned for the federal charges. During this hearing, Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM was denied bond by Judge Claude Hicks, merely a magistrate judge, who admitted he has not seen the factual evidence supporting the charges in the case. This is in violation of all international laws and protocols associated with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations Article 27, 31, 33, 34, and 41.

Judge Claude Hicks ruled that Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM was a danger to the community, when those who the prosecution claimed were alleged victims had already been taken into custody and later stated they had never been molested which coincided with Judge Spivey of the Middle District Juvenile Court Division which on July 17, 2002 A.D. stated that all the children could be released from DFACS custody to their parents because they were found not to have been molested. Judge Claude Hicks stated in open court that he felt in his opinion that if Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM, was set free, the acts for which he was being accused of would continue. Judge Hicks denied Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM his right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and the Judge placed himself in the position of “Judge and Jury” by declaring Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM guilty before allowing him a fair trial. Judge Claude Hicks, before gathering and balancing the facts in this case, compared Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM to Jim Jones of the “Jones Town Massacre” and Jimmy Swaggert, who was caught with a prostitute; and Jim Baker, who defrauded his own congregation.

Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM is a secured party and Liberian Diplomat with sovereign immunity. He stated on court record that he does not give jurisdiction to State or Federal courts to try him. After making this known to his American Attorneys they sought to have him sent to a federal mental institution for evaluation to see if he was mentally competent to stand trial. Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM, was held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, New York, for this psychological evaluation for over 60 days (from August 14, 2003 - October 20, 2003 A.D.). Dr. William Ryan of the Bureau of Prisons asserted in his report that, "he is a Native American/African American and competent to stand trial". His heritage should no longer be on trial and used as a reason to perceive him to be incompetent. It is clearly evident that the defense attorneys are not working to totally exonerate Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM of these charges.On May 8, 2002 A.D., Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM was arrested in a parking lot of a K-Mart Shopping Center in Milledgeville, GA, by FBI and over 100 law enforcement officers. While this was transpiring, law enforcement officers from Putnam County, Baldwin County, Columbus County, and Jones County, with agents from the Department of Natural Resources, FBI and US Forestry, invaded the 404 Shady Dale Rd. property in Eatonton, GA with 400 heavily armed foot soldiers. Sheriff: Howard Richard Sills again gave false information to the FBI that the tribe was stock piling weapons and were dangerous. He failed to mention to them that the GBI, FBI, Putnam County Sheriff Department, over the last 10 years, has raided the property over 4 times. This one being the most extreme use of force. He failed to mention that on two of these occasions, Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM was taken to GBI and FBI headquarters to be questioned and was given a lie detector test to see if he was involved in any terrorist activities; a test that he passed. These GBI Agents even came back to the land after seeing that Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM was cooperative and courteous and willing to assist them in their investigation. These Agents returned on numerous occasions to fish from the tribal lakes. He has even aided them in finding persons that were suspected to be affiliated with the tribe, by transferring any and all information that was filed on the suspects to further their investigation.Sheriff: Howard Richard Sills has broken every law both federal and state. He has exceeded the limits with the help of Attorney Frank Ford, Attorney Dorothy Adams, County Clerk Sheila Layson, Sandra Adams, Building Inspector Robert Clay Howell, and the County Commissioners. Sheriff: Howard Richard Sills has made a concentrated effort to try to destroy our Nation ever since he took office. Out of the 476 acres of land that the Nation owns we have only developed 19 acres. This is due to the fact that we have been prejudicially blocked by illegal county zoning and building ordinances from 1997 A.D. - the present. For the last 7 years, we have been in and out of civil court due to the discrimination, enabling us to properly attain permits for existing structures on our land.

Even through all the turmoil, our Nation has grown.
Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM has authored more than 400 books on various topics dealing with World Religions and Cultural Identity. This culturally explosive doctrine has reached people all over the world. We host our Annual Family Gathering that brings over 30,000 people from across the globe to our Holy Land, Al Tamaha.Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM was forced by American Attorneys who did not take seriously the request that Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM made to have his Liberian Counsel present, after being mentally and physically tortured (a violation of 42 U.S.C. 1983), to sign a plea agreement in Federal Court on January 23, 2003 A.D. and the State Court on January 24, 2003 A.D. The Federal Government illegally detained him for almost 2 years without a trial. He has been denied the right to a fair trial and the right to be innocent until proven guilty. He has been threatened with life in prison along with harm to his family and fellow tribal members if he persisted to taking his case to trial to prove his innocence.Federal Judge C. Ashley Royal ignored the Declaration of Human Rights to a fair and just trial by initially seeking to have the courtroom closed to the public and appointing himself to pick an anonymous jury. As a result to the ongoing “Kangaroo Court” room trial that was held in Brunswick Georgia, Counsel General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM was sentenced to 135 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Key witnesses to the conspiracy were blocked from testifying by the judge. Key prosecution witnesses also admitted to lying to Federal Agents as well as giving false testimony during the trial.Because of the ongoing civil war and rebel insurrection, proper consular functions were suspended during the reestablishment of the stability of the country of Liberia by the United Nations who aided in setting up the interim government known as the National Transitional Legislation. This case has been an international issue from the beginning and now the country of Liberia is stable enough to step in a claim their Diplomat, Counsel General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM, who holds a diplomatic passport and an official appointment from the former President of Liberia Charles Taylor, which predates his arrest. He has maintained his innocence only to be further degraded and defamed by the media who is taking orders from the Federal and State Prosecutors on what to print, while the Nuwaubians are reprimanded and kept out of the court room for practicing their first amendment rights to free speech. It is time that the American public be made, aware that to continue holding Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM is a violation of all international laws and protocols and that he must be released into the custody of the Embassy of Liberia. Petitions from the Liberian Mission on Foreign Affairs to the US State Department have already been made requesting for Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York’s ©TM release. Petitions have also been filed to obtain Declaratory Judgment for Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York’s ©TM release and repatriation to his home country of Liberia. Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York’s ©TM Liberian Attorney is Cllr. Francis Y.S. Garlawolu, Head of Liberian Judiciary Legislation.Now that Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York’s © TM Diplomatic status has been confirmed, it is now out of the jurisdiction of the lower District Courts to decide the fate of Counsel General Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM. It is now up to the State Department and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of each government to investigate why this diplomat was arrested and detained, and why the proper notifications were not made for his immediate release. Investigations have already begun regarding the torture and cruel and inhumane treatment that Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM was forced to endure while being held in prison by the United States of America. Witnesses to the torture have already made their statements and official affidavits attesting to the cruel and inhumane treatment are being filed with the International Criminal Courts.The recantment proves Counsel General Dr. Malachi Z. York’s ©TM innocence and his Diplomatic status proves what he has been saying all along. He is a sovereign Native African-American Chief of the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation, whose ancestry is of African descent, linking to the tribes of Liberia, West Africa (pre-continental drift). After the European invasion and years of genocidal slavery, some of us decided to stay and rightfully claim our ancestral land and some of us decided to leave with the American Colonization Society and rebuild our own country of Liberia. Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM is a Liberian Diplomat and an indigenous person who does not fall within the jurisdiction of the United States of America.Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM was illegally sentenced to 135 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He is now being forced to appeal the federal conviction through the United States of American Judicial System. Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM is languishing in prison at Marion United States Penitentiary in Marion, IL, noted by Human Rights organizations as “the worst” prison facility in the United States. The Liberian Government has come forth to claim their diplomat and to effect the repatriation of Consul General: Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM to his country of citizenship and origin, the Republic of Liberia West Africa.
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10 Issues Of Malachi Z. York's Federal Case

1) Mr. York Was Denied a Fair Trial and Due Process Due to the Trial Court’s Denial of His Motion to Sever Disparate Counts.

2) The District Court Erred in Denying Mr. York's Motion to Dismiss The Rico Claims (Counts One, Two, And Twelve)

3) The District Court Erred in Denying Mr. York's Motion to Dismiss the Superseding Indictment and Allowing the Jury Trial to go Forward on an Indictment that was Returned by a Tainted Grand Jury

4) The District Court Erred by: A. Denying Mr. York's Motion for Mistrial after the Government Exceeded the Scope of the Court Ordered Limitation of the Rebuttal Witness’ Testimony B. Not Allowing the Appellant to Call His Own Rebuttal Witness to Rebut the Government’s Rebuttal Witness

5) The Evidence was Insufficient to Prove Beyond a Reasonable Doubt that Mr. York Committed the Acts Alleged in Count 1 (1), Count 1 (2), Count 2 (B)(1) Racketeering Act 1, Count 2 (B) (2) Racketeering Act 2, Count 2 (B) (3)Racketeering Act 3, Count 2 (B) (4) Racketeering Act 4; Count 3 (A) and Count 3 (B) Conspiracy, Count 4, Count 5, Count 6, Count 7, Count 8 - Transporting Minors in Interstate Commerce to Engage in Unlawful Sexual Activity

6) The District Court Erred by Denying Mr. York's Motion to Dismiss Count 2 Racketeering Act 3 and Count 6 Essentially Ruling that the Government could Base a Federal Violation on a Georgia Crime which was No Crime at all at the Time of its Alleged Commission

7) Post trial Counsel, Jonathan Marks, was Ineffective for Withdrawing Mr. York's Motion for New Trial and Motion for Judgment of Acquittal without Properly Informing and Receiving the Express Permission of Mr. York

8)The District Court’s Denial of New Counsel’s Motion For Extension Deprived Mr. York of a Fair Trial And Due Process of Law

9) A. Mr. York's Sixth Amendment Right to a Jury Trial was Denied When He was Sentenced Based upon Facts Not Reflected in the Jury Verdict B. Mr. York’s Sentence is Void because Appellant was Sentenced under Federal Sentencing Guidelines that have been Ruled Unconstitutional as Applied in This Case

10) The Use of the 2002 Version of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Instead of the 1993 Guidelines Violated Ex Post Facto Clause of the United States Constitution
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Conspiracy And Conspirators
It is time to reveal the conspiracy and the conspirators that have caused the illegal incarceration of Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle”, Dr. Malachi Z.York. For more than a year and a half Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle”, AN INNOCENT MAN, has been tortured mentally and physically, unjustly held without bond, deceived by the officers of the court, held under duress, enduring violation after violation of his human rights, granted by the creator. The question that you must ask is FOR WHAT?!! Now it is time that we pull all the pieces together and expose the conspiracy and the leaders behind it. The demonic forces behind this evil scheme is none other than JACOB YORK aka YAQUWB ABDULLAH MUHAMMAD the son of Dr. Malachi Z. York. Jacob, also known as Jake, has proclaimed his hatred, jealousy and envy for his father.
Jacob York aka Yaquwb Abdullah Muhammad aka Yaquwb Johnson, aka Jake York Age: 30 DOB: 7/11/73, grew up living in the Nubian Islamic Hebrew Mission Ansaaruallah Community in Brooklyn, NY with his mother, the late Dorothy Johnson aka Dhubayda (1945 A.D. - 1995 A.D.), may she rest in peace, and his siblings Abu Bakr Muhammad aka Fadullah, age 32 and Fatimah Muhammad, age 33, the late Yadullahi Muhammad aka Yad (1970 A.D. - 1998 A.D.), may he rest in peace, Zainab Muhammad, 28. Jake blames Dr. Malachi Z.York for his mothers death and has become very bitter against him. Dorothy Johnson, died of a brain aneurysm in 1995 A.D. that was not the fault of anyone, yet Jacob has vowed vengeance on Dr. York for years because of this. Jake York has made public statements about Dr. York and his jealousy of Dr. York’s success in the Music Industry; this is why he prefers to use the last name “York” instead of his legal name Muhammad. Jake is also suspected of being involved in the untimely death of his brother Yadullahi Muhammad in 1998 A.D. Jake was always jealous of Yadullahi because of the favor he had in his father’s eye. Yadullahi was very intelligent and was studying to be an ambassador for our nation. Yadullahi was sent to Morocco and Egypt to further his education to become well versed in the various languages. He returned home to become an ambassador. Jake was envious of his intelligence and it is believed he is responsible for Yadullahi being shot in the heart at a party in New York.
Jacob York is known for his unscrupulous business practices. He was the executive producer of Junior Mafia, a group who is known for their violent nature portrayed through their music. Junior Mafia was founded by the late Christopher Wallace “Biggy Smalls”or Notorious B.I.G. Jake York also produced the sexually explicit rap artist LIL’ KIM. She is known for her provocative lyrics and sexually racy image as she calls herself the “Queen B#*&#”. Since Biggy’s death, LIL’ KIM has separated herself from Jake, suspecting him of being involved somehow in Biggy’s death. In 1999, the NBA filed a law suit against Jacob York’s company Untertainment Records. An article in LAUNCH NEWSPAPER dated May 17, 1999 A.D. tilted Activists And The NBA Shoot Down Cam’Ron Campaign, stated that, “The brain trust behind the marketing campaign for popular New York-based rapper Cam’Ron had no idea of the firestorm that it was getting into when it appropriated a version of the National Basketball Association’s logo in a national advertising campaign to promote the artist’s upcoming album Sports, Drugs, & Entertainment. The ad featured a silhouette of a man holding a gun dribbling a basketball, which was practically identical to the NBA logo-except that the NBA’s silhouetted figure was unarmed.Untertaiment’s problems began when they put a huge billboard on Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem on April 19.
Mistakenly thinking that the album was sponsored by the NBA, a loose of collective community activists, church leaders, and school officials complained to the NBA and demanded action....According to frustrated Untertainment Records President Jacob York, the litigation was unnecessary. York, who had been fend off by angry calls from the Rev. Al Sharpton and New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s office, said that the ad was a chronology of Cam’Ron’s personal history”. The controversy began because the Billboard was placedright across the street from a boy’s and girl’s highschool that was known for drug infestation and gang violence that had recently been cleaned up and made a safe area for children to walk to school. Yet, Jake chose to promote this album that focused on Drugs and Entertainment. This is the corrupt kind of mind Jake York has. The mind of Jake York and his father Malachi Z. York are two totally different minds. The Ansaaruallah Community located in Brooklyn on Bushwick Ave, was given a letter from Mayor Ed Koch commending Dr. Malachi Z.York and those living in the Ansaaruallah Community for cleaning up the Bushwick Avenue neighborhood and making it a safer environment to live in one of the roughest parts of New York.

Jake York is the Executive Producer of Junior Mafia. They are known to promote violence through their music.
Jake York promoted and enhanced Lil Kim’s sexually explicit image. Her rap is classified and “Rap Porn”.
Jake York was responsible for Cam’Ron and Untertainment to be subject to a civil suit brought on by the NBA and he was later rejected from performing at any of the NBA games.

Jake was on the run from the IRS because he owes back taxes in excess of $100,000.00. He has been involved in many money scams involving Federal Banking institutions, such as Bank of America. An eye witness and bestfriend of Jake York, who was asked by Jake to forge bank statements came forward to give the details of how he was able to purchase the house located at 5179 Meadowbrook Chase in Stone Mountain, GA, for $139, 000. “Jake said he needed to falsify Bank of American bank statements for the months of October and November to read higher than the stated balance of $9,416.51, it needed to be in the range of $50,000 - $60,000. His reasons were that he was trying to buy a house and needed proof that he was financially capable.

Babara Noel, 48, mother of Nicole “Adah” Lopez, Amanda “Amala” Noel and David “Taariq” Noel. She is guilty of extortion and bribery.
Nicole “Adah” Lopez, daughter of Babara Noel is an admitted child molester. She is also sexually involved with Jake York.
Fatima Muhammad, a known lesbian, has also conspired with her brother Jake to go against their father in an evil plot for money.

He said he needed a bigger house for more people and asked if I could falsify 6 documents by changing the checking balances with higher additions and fewer subtraction giving the final balance a higher sum.” (excerpt from an eye witness’ affidavit) This is the house that was mentioned in the statements that he gave to the FBI that was used as a “half way house” for girls who were leaving the 404 Shady Dale Rd. property. Our witness states in a legal affidavit that, “Jacob boasted about the girls he had living at his current house with him with graphic details of his sexual encounters with most of them if not all were banaats that were mentioned by name. They were hinting around the allegations supposedly from the young females.” (excerpt from an eye witness’ affidavit)This is when the conspiracy began.

This house was purchased by both Barbara Noel aka Shaira, 48, mother of Nicole “Adah” Lopez, 28, Amanda “Amala” Noel, 19 and David “Taariq” Noel, 18, and Jake York, 29. When Babara Noel left the land she left bitter and with revenge in her heart. She began a sexual relationship with Jake York. The world in which she entered was not as warm and welcoming as she had suspected. Babara Noel began demanding money from Dr. Malachi Z. York through several e-mails that threatened him with child support suits demanding him to take care of her kids. This is considered Black Mail and Extortion a violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 876 and O.C.G.A. 16-8-16. (Refer to “Fell In the System Trap of Immunity” News Flyer). Babara Noel is not a stranger to extortion. Barbara Noel has made statements to several females still residing on the land that she once married an illegal immigrant to allow him to get his citizenship in exchange for $10,000. Each one of Babara Noel’s children have different fathers, Amanda and David Noel just being a year apart. Nicole “Adah” Lopez, 28, has also made statements to other young females that she remembered when she was younger her mother, Babara Noel, engaging in sexual intercourse with various men in front of her. Babara Noel did not stop to realize for years Dr. York took care of her illigitimate children. Dr. York is not the biological father of Adah, Amala or David Noel, yet for years Babara Noel lied to her children stating that Dr. York was their biological father. Now why would a mother lie to her son and daughter about who their real father is? It was looked at as a prestigious thing to be the child of Dr. York because of his works, intelligence, and wealth. Female members of the community who came in single with children often lied to their children about Dr. York being their father to gain a position or status with in the community. This time it backfired. David found out that Dr. York was not his biological father and this hurt him very badly and he began to grow hate and animosity towards Dr. York because of his mother’s lies. Babara “Shaira” Noel, after leaving the community, became sexually involved with Jacob York. Babara Noel applied for public assistance in both Dekalb County and Clarke County, which is illegal. Basically, she was committing welfare fraud and was using the money to support the home that her and Jake York bought in Stone Mountain. See, neither of them could really afford the home. She had no job and the only income she was receiving was from the welfare checks she received from both Dekalb and Clarke County.
In order to purchase the home Jacob York contacted a man (whose identity we will keep confidential) to forge bank statements to alter the ending balance of his account to a higher amount so he would qualify with the mortgage company to purchase a bigger home to house more teenage girls. The FBI should be investigating Jake York for this fact, yet they would rather conspire with him to defame, degrade and incarcerate, Dr. Malachi Z.York, an innocent man. Now, after this home was purchased, this was when Jake was able to utilize this home for his own prostitution ring in Dekalb County, GA. And who did he use for this ring? The young naive teenagers running away from rules and regulations on Tama-re. They ran right into the devils den. “ I witnessed a few girls who I recognized as sisters that used to be apart of our organization there at the studio with Jacob. Ayyuwb and I were present and the conversation I walked in on was explicit. The young girls were talking about sex with their men and Jacob was manipulating the conversation moving in the direction of threesomes and oral sex and other explicitly details. Jacob was bragging about how he and the boys used to perform anal sex on the girls in our organization when they were younger. I witnessed these things in the community in the late eighties. It was a known thing amongst the boys that you could perform anal sex on the girls to prevent you taking their virginity they were often checked and you could get severely punished for these things.” (excerpt from Jake York’s Bestfriend’s affidavit) These same young girls who had been exposed to the life of pornography ran to a world of free sex, drugs, alcohol and the wild lifestyle they were being reprimanded for on Tama-Re. Living with Jake was a ticket for them to exercise their wild lifestyle, while still being taken care of. Babara Noel facilitated her younger daughter, Amala Noel to be subject to this sick predator, just as she did on the land when she was in the same building when these same teenagers were engaged in group sex activities and drinking alcohol with her adult daughter Nicole “Adah” Lopez. (Refer to “Fell In The System Trap of Immunity” News Flyer). Now the conspiracy to involve the Federal and State Governments to indict Dr. Malachi Z. York on child molestation charges began with a trip to florida. Jacob York along with Abigail “Habiba” Washington went to the FBI after a four day vacation in South Beach Florida with underage females to promote their conspiracy. The trip was from May 26, 2001 A.D. - May 30, 2001 A.D. We have a statement from one of the young teenager girls victimized by Jake while attending this party implementing the conspirators in the unjust case against Dr. Malachi Z. York. Jake York first spoke with the FBI on may 31, 2001 A.D. after four days of corroborating the conspiracy with Abigail “Habiba” Washington about the alleged allegations of child molestation. On that same date, May 31, 2001 A.D., Habiba “Abigail” Washington also gave statements to the FBI about alleged abuse in the community. In order for her to give a statement, she first had to incriminate herself and was granted immunity from prosecution. She claimed she was a victim, while the truth is she use dto be the main culprit promoting the teenage girls and boys who lived on the land to engage in group sex and explore habitual habits such as drinking alcohol. Habiba “Abigail” Washington was suspected to have been put on a confidential payroll by the FBI to round up enough teenagers that would go along with the lie to try to bring down a powerful black organization and defame a prominent Native American leader. Jake York preyed on these young girls. “He said he was getting a bigger house because he had alot of girls that were moving with him and he needed more room. He went on to say that ‘there would be alot of girls moving off the land in Eatonton. Most of the girls he bragged about having sex with and talked about alot of their sexual performances and bodies. He also had pictures of the girls. He also said that alot of the girls wanted to be with him....” (excerpt Jake York’s Best friend’s affidavit)

Habiba “Abigail” Washington and Jake York have been working together all along to expose the young girls and boys that lived on the land, to pornography, to then set them up in a vacant building on the land where she knew their behavior would be exposed. Abigail baited these young girls and boys in with the alcohol then showed them pornographic tapes that opened their innocent minds to a world that they were protected from while living in the community, that promoted moral values. Her mission was to “turn them out” and she accomplished her mission. These young teenagers were caught several times in the building 103 and the private recording studio located on the land engaged in group sex activities that they were taught by Abigail. These young children once exposed to this life of free sex, drugs and alcohol rebelled viciously against the rules and regulations of the community and soon there was no place for them on the land because their behavior was exposed and would not be tolerated. “Jacob used his money influence and his manipulating character to get a handful of girls that were naive and didn’t know what they were getting into to back his revengeful plot. None of these accusations or statements made by any of these so-called witnesses are based on facts. It’s based on feelings emotional hang-ups jealousies, envies, greed and will and should not stand up in any court of law that abides by truth and justice” (excerpt Jake York’s Best friend’s affidavit)When these teenagers were caught, there was a video recording made of these same young people confessing to their actions and how Dr. Malachi Z. York had no knowledge of it. Running away from the only safe haven they knew they ran right into the devils den, a house set up by Jake where he laid in wait for these innocent children so that he could exploit them and start his own prostitution ring while promising an elaborate lifestyle centered around Jacob York’s music industry connections. He promised them fame and fortune. It is even suspected that he has produced video tapes of these alleged sexual escapades. “...Invited to the party were various prostitutes from Atlanta. The party was video taped by Jacob York. I witnessed the tape I didn’t go to the party. What I saw was classic Jacob footage showing his overwhelming sex obsession involving male and female sexual encounters group sex oral and anal, prostitutes performing various guys and girls dancing and getting high and loud music was in the background. All paid for by Jacob York...” (excerpt from a witness affidavit) Everything that he is accusing his father of comes from his sick imagination and the acts that he has been committing for years. The house at 5179 Meadowbrook Chase in Stone Mountain, GA that Jake and Babara Noel purchased together became the Brothel “Whore House” that was used to sexually exploit young teenagers. But soon the money ran out. So now Jake York, THE PIMP, and all these teenaged girls, THE VICTIMS, organized by Abigail Washington, THEIR MADAM, needed a scheme to get a large sum of money so the height of the conspiracy began. Influenced by Jake and Abigail, these young girls were subject to the threats of exposing their lifestyle so they had no choice but to fall into the conspiracy created in the sick mind of Jake York. Sheriff: Howard Richard Sills and the FBI were already looking for any reason to extinguish the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation because of their positive influence in the surrounding communities. Without any real investigation, Sheriff Sills ran to the FBI. Each teenage girl was told to include addtional names which would increase the counts. The so-called victims conjured up the lies and headed to FBI Headquarters.

Khalid Eddington, 23, 6/8/80, Kiturah Eddington, 26, 01/06/77, Zaiyda LaRoche, 25, 01/15/78, Abdul Salaam aka Shelomoh LaRoche, 17, 3/20/84, Safaa’a LaRoche, 18, 05/13/85, Nicole Hardin, 34, 08/19/69, Krystal “Beluwra” Hardin, 19 , 02/14/87, Radeya Muhammad, 19, 09/28/94, Qamra Muhammad, 21, 12/29/82, Atiyah Tatiana Thomas, 24, 9/27/79, Nicole “Adah” Lopez, 28, 04/19/75, Amanda “Amala” Noel, 19, 01/26/84l, David “Taariq” Noel, 18, 10/25/85, Alicia Chester, 30, 11/13/73, Sakinah Parham, 27, 4/30/1976, Pauline Rogers, 38, 11/27/65, Abigail “Habiba” Washington, 28, 08/10/75 and Yaquwb Abdullah Muhammad aka Jacob York, 30, 07/11/73, all of these individuals gave false statements to the FBI about the alleged molestation charges against Dr. Malachi Z. York. What they don’t want you to know is that Atiyah “Tatiana” Thomas, Abigail “Habiba” Washington, Nicole “Adah” Lopez, and Sakinah Parham are all intimately involved with Jake. These are the same females that attended the trip to Florida to conspire the evil plot to incarcerate Dr. Malachi Z. York, with the acception of Sekinah Parham. Sekinah Parham came to the 404 Shady Dale Rd. property days before the May 8, 2002 A.D. raid wired. She was the one who walked through every building and gave the FBI items to place in their affidavit to get the illegal search warrant. On February 17, 2003 A.D. Abigail Washington went on The Sarah Wallace show and it was stated that “the turning point: A reunion with several ex-followers. Habiba and other victims agreed to tell their story to federal and state authorities.” This is confirmation of the plot. Abigail Washington thought that after the bogus plea agreement this case was over all the liars and conspirators would collect their portion of the $414, 000 that was stolen off of the 404 Shady Dale Rd. property and the house in Athens, to simply move on with their lives. But The Most High Is The Best Of Planners. This case is being busted wide open. Well now the plot has been exposed. We know who went on the trip to South Beach, FL, we know that Jake is guilty of transporting minors across state lines for sexual purposes, for running an illegal prostitution ring and exploiting minors for indecent purposes. One of the passengers in the van rented by a man by the name of Art, who is known for his illegal activities. On this trip was a underage girl who is an eye witness to the illegal activities and sex ring that was promoted to the passengers before leaving Georgia.
In her sworn affidavit the 16 year old female explicitly describes the events, the conversations, and who was present on this trip. She stated. “ All I knew of the trip was it was a bunch of old friends going to South Beach Florida for Memorial Day (May 26 A.D.-May 30 2001 A.D.) and that the trip would be four days, Friday -Monday All I had to have was 100 dollars... The transportation and food were already taken care of by Jacob "Jake".” (excerpt from a 16 year old girls’ affidavit) Those who were present on this trip were Habiyba Washington, 28 (Granted Federal Immunity) Jacob York , 29, Rasheed Williams(not to be mistaken with Rashaad Williams - the brother of Suhaila Williams), 35 (currently in Federal Prison) Karyma Hamilton, 26, A confidential witness who was wrongfully incarcerated for not going along with the plot, Kuwsh Martinez, 17, Atiyah Tatiyana Thomas, 24, Aiydah, Lemuel LaRoche, 27, Nicole Adah Lopez, 28, Art, Ish and the guys from the group 404 Soldiers (Curtis “C” Dog and Leon “Big” Lee one of Jake's groups - This is no coincidence that 404 Soldiers is synonymous with the address 404 Shadydale Road.)
Nicole Lopez or Adah, 28, and me, 16, slept in one bed, while A confidential witness and Iys Al Mahdi, 25, were in the other. Lemu-el, 27 came in the room the next morning and got in the bed that me and Adah were in.... Sunday we did the same thing as the prior day but that evening at the hotel a friend of the girls who were on the trip Nicole “Adah” Lopez, 28, Atiyah Tatiana Thomas, 24, Habiyba “Abigail” Washington, 28, Shababa Williams, 25, A confidential witness, Kariyma Hamilton, 26, came to see them. They lived with her on Tama-Re and when she left she moved to Orlando. When she got there that's when, to my knowledge all the sex started. There were always sexual innuendos during the entire trip but that night it was blatant. All the girls and Iys were in our room and we were taking pictures after we stopped taking pictures, different girls would make sexual comments to Iys and they started fondling him. I got up and went to the closet and back and forth to the bathroom, because I didn't want to be apart of that. After I finished in the closet I went to my brothers room and stayed there for about half an hour. Everyone began to come out of the room and were in the hallway so I went out. People would jump from room to room (girls and guys) and I wasn't with that so I (Age 16), went into Rasheed's (Age 35, not to be mistaken with Rashaad Williams - the brother of Suhaila Williams), room with him because we had liked each other. I even remember Lemu-el knocking on the room door asking me if it was room in the room so he and Raqia Muhammad could come in the room. She was drunk and could barely stand up. I said no. I did not want to know how that was going to turn out. Rasheed Williams, 35 and me made out all night until I fell asleep.... I could hear people in the hall shouting and doors opening and closing. One of the cars had left Sunday night, Kuwsh, Ish, Nuh, and Aiyda left in that car everyone else stayed. On Monday May 30, 2001 in the afternoon we checked out of the Shereton hotel and came back to Georgia. On the way home I fell asleep in the car and woke-up to hear Abigail and Jake talking about Baba, and Rasheed( not to be mistaken with Rashaad Williams - the brother of Suhaila Williams ) said that "we should drive to Tama-Re now and get the girls". Jacob and Abigail said that they couldn't do it like that they had to plan it right. When we got back to Stone Mountain everyone slept at Jacob's house. I, (Age 16) had sex with Rasheed (Age 35, not to be mistaken with Rashaad Williams - the brother of Suhaila Williams) there one time and that was the only time, but we kept in touch for a while. A couple of week's prior I was at Istiyr's apartment and Lemuel LaRoche, Baaith Smith, 29, and Ahmed Smith, 28 showed up. They tried to get Deena Shingles, 30, to get into the case with them and she told them no cause Baba never raped her. I know Jacob was sleeping with Atiyah Tatiana Thomas, Arlene Hamilton (Kariymah), Shababa Williams, and a confidential witness. He stopped liking Shababa because he said she used him for his money. He doesn't like me, (Age 16) because he (Age 29) would come on to me and I wouldn't respond to his advances. Jacob would flirt with others and me all the time. He would touch my hand and touch my face while I would sleep I would pretend to be asleep cause I was afraid. When I would come to spend the night at Jacob's house with Arlene Hamilton (Kareema), 26 and Atiyah Tatiyana Thomas, 24, we would sleep in Jacob's room in his bed. We would sleep in his room cause there were other people in the other rooms. One night I was sleeping and he came and laid down next to me. I was so scared. I pretended to still be asleep. Then he began to grab my face and touched me. I still pretended to be sleeping. I got him to stop by moving around in my sleep. He stopped and just went to sleep. I was 16 or 17 when this happened. (excerpt from a 16 year old girl’s affidavit)

Federal Bureau of Prison Inmate locator shows that Rasheed Williams(not to be mistaken with Rashaad Williams - the brother of Suhaila Williams) is currently incarcerated at New York CCM in New York. It is suspected that he was arrested after being involved with Jake York and his illegal scheme to defraud Bank of America. He is scheduled to be released 3/22/04. Rasheed William had sex with a 16 year old girl while attending the trip to South Beach Florida.
After the trip to South Beach, Florida is when Jake York and Abigail went to the FBI to give false statements about child molestation. The exact date was 5/31/01 the day after they returned from Florida. The conspiracy is clear! Everyone who went on this trip is connected to either the alleged victims or they claim to be victims themselves. Raqia Muhammad is Radeya Muhammad’s sister. When she came to the hotel room in Florida that is when “all the sex began” according to the previous statement. She lived on Tama-Re previously and was good friends with Abigail. Lamuel LaRoche, who is seen in bed with Adah “Nicole” Lopez, the admitted pedophile who molested several underage boys while living on the land, is the brother and legal guardian of Safaa LaRoche, an alleged victim who wrote the diary that explicitly displays her sexual experiences and group sex lifestyle. A confidential witness, one of Jake York’s girlfreinds, was charged with one count of child molestation because she would not go along with the plot. Istyr Cole is charged with child molestation involving Amanda “Amala” Noel some time between July 1, 1995 A.D. and January 1, 2000 A.D. Babara Noel, Amala’s mother, and Jake York bought the house in Stone Mountain where she, a confidential witness, Karyma, Atiyah Tatiana Thomas, and Shababa lived as sexual partners with Jake York. So the question should be why would a mother move her daughter who is claiming to be sexually molested in the same house as one of the alleged sexual predators? And if Jake is running a half way house for girls to leave the land that have been molested why is he living with one of the so-called child molesters? The answer is clear. The charges are fabricated. This case is a conspiracy put together by Jake and Abigail with the help of Sheriff: Howard Richard Sills, Dr. Malachi York’s long time adversary . There are more connections to the alleged victims and the alleged victims/witnesses will have to face prosecution for lying infront of a grand jury, a violation 18 U.S.C. 1963, unless they were entrapped. Lamuel LaRoche is the cousin of Salha Eddington, Abdul Salaam LaRoche, and Khalid Eddington all who claim to have been molested yet in the indicment there is no specificity to when these alleged acts occured just sometime between 1995-2000 A.D. Adah “Nicole” Lopez is the older sister of David “Taariq” Noel and Amanda “Amala” Noel. She has been given verbal immunity because she is a known child molester. Gerald Richards, the husband of Adah “Nicole” Lopez from 1993 A.D. - 1999 A.D., will testify to her molesting a young boy that lead to their break up. He will also testify that during the period she claims she was sexually molested that he was with her and no such acts ever occurred. The lies are being exposed. The Federal and State Prosecutors know that this case is built on hear say and rumors. It has been proven that they have no Physical Evidence, DNA Evidence, or Medical Evidence to support the charges. Yet, Asst. US Attorney: Richard Moultrie, District Attorney: Fred Bright, Asst District Attorney: Dawn Baskin and Sheriff: Howard Richard Sills still persist in trying this case. Jake York and Abigail Washington are behind the whole scheme. They never expected this case to go to trial. Now that it is, all the lies are coming to the surface, Dr. Malachi Z. York, an innocent man, will be exonerated of all charges.
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What's Going On With Dr. Malachi Z. York's Case

The purpose of the Web Site is to update everyone on the events in the trial without the media spin and also to dispel any rumors and misinformation about Dr. Malachi Z. York's case. You can find out what really went on at with the Federal case down in Brunswick, GA. You will also be able to find out what you can do to help free Dr.Malachi Z. York from false imprisonment.
The Other Side Of The Story - The other side of the story will now be told. We will give point by point and issue by issue accounts of what really took place during the unjust trial against our Chief: Black Thunderbird, known to many as Dr. Malachi Z. York. The public will now read about all of the evidence that the District Court Judge C. Ashley Royal denied from getting in the trial. The bias and partial behavior of Judge Royal will be exposed. Exposure of the Government's witnesses being on payroll and given immunity to testify against Chief Black Thunderbird. We will walk you through the trial day by day and give you the facts concerning the issues raised in the trial dispelling all of the rumors.

January 5th 2004 was the start of the Federal trial against our Chief: Black Thunderbird also known as Dr. Malachi Z. York. U.S. Federal District Court Judge C. Ashley Royal presiding. The Trial was held in Judge Royal's hometown of Brunswick Georgia in the Southern Judicial District due to negative pre-trial publicity. Jury selection began at 9:00 AM. Over 150 potential jurors entered the courthouse after passing an excessive amount of heavily armed Federal and Local police.The Federal courthouse in Brunswick Georgia shares its space with the US post office and covers a small city block. Surrounding 2/3rd's of the block were federal and local police armed with machine guns, hand guns, tear gas attachments, and some officers wore shields and masks accompanied with several officers in marked and unmarked police vehicles. There were no demonstrations or protests on the part of the Yamassee Native Americans outside of the courthouse through the duration of the entire trial.
Stay Tune as we continually update the website with the lastest info and facts on what really took place during the trial. Things like...
*** There were 3 incidents that were encited by the prosecution. A Macon Telegraph reporter was threatened to be arrested by police for taking pictures of the interior of the Federal Security system, but he was issued a citation and told to stay off the sidewalk. Another incident took place where Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills' deputy, officer Renaldo Sanders assulted a by stander and forcefully pushed him to the side claiming that he was in his space.
*** We will show how the prosecution closed and rested their case, and subsequently re-opened their case after they realized they lost by calling more witnesses to the stand.
*** How several of the prosecution's witnesses are on the payroll of the FBI and goverment agencies.
*** Immunity agreements were given to the REAL pediphiles and child molesters.
*** How the Judge helped in the prosecutions case by entering evidence sua sponte [Latin - of one's own accord, voluntarily] without promting or suggestion.
*** How the prosecution used witnesses that were known and admitted child molesters, child abusers, and strippers to testify against Chief Black Thunderbird.
*** We will show how one of the prosecution's witness at the end of her testimony said "It must all be a dream".
*** How the governement claimed they had 200 witnesses but only called 47 and out of those 47, most were FBI agents, and there were only 7 alledged victims. Out of those 7 alledged victims, 3 changed their stories after being threaten and pressured by the government and their parents. The remaining 4 contradicted themselves on the stand and 1 even admitted to lying to the grand jury.
*** How the governement lied about the RAID that took place on the land. The use of tear gas, and excessive force. Guns pointed at women and children and even on babies. Body bags were seen during the raid. Children were kidnapped and questioned without their parents consent or knowledge.
*** No videos or pictures of any molestation.
*** FBI's claim to investigate Chief Black Thunderbird, yet nothing was produced in the trial showing any thorough investigation such as servailance video or audio, etc.
*** How the Government did not even call or contact some of their own witnesses who they claimed to be alledged victims in the indictment.
*** We will show how we had to call their witnesses in the Defense. Witnesses that the government claim to be alledged victims, testified on behalf of Chief Black Thunderbird, maintaining that NOTHING ever happened and that he is innocent.
There is much much more.....
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Is Dwight York And Malachi York The Names Of The Same Person

Who Is Dwight D. York?
U.S. Attorney Max Wood is quoted as saying "He is Dwight D. York, a con man from Brooklyn...". What the public must first realize is that U.S. Attorney Max Wood, Assist. U.S. Attorneys Richard Multrie and Stephanie Thacker, Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills and the rest of the prosecution are all influenced by the book called Ansar Cult In America, by Billal Philips. Even the term "cult" that is often used by the prosecution and the media was propagated by Mr. Philips. It was Bilaal Philips who made statements and claims that Chief Black Thunderbird also known as Dr. Malachi Z. York was from Brooklyn, the leader of a cult, and was named Dwight D. York. Mr. Philips wrote the book Ansar Cult in American back in 1989. Dr. Malachi Z. York shortly after, authored a rebuttal book that was 3 times the size of Bilaal's original, called Ansar Cult In America - Rebuttal To The Slanderers also in 1989. In the rebuttal book, Dr. Malachi Z. York unquestionably refuted all claims and slander made by Bilaal Phillips. The prosecution wants to hide this fact, but we are telling the other side of the story.
Firstly, Dr. Malachi Z. York was born June 26th 1945 in Omdurman, Sudan to Faatimah Maryam whos english name is Mary C. York and Al Haadi Abdur Rahman Al Madhi. He was given the Arabic name "Isa" by his grandfather Salah Hailak Al Ghalat. As it is a custom in Sudan that the male members of the family to also have their father's name, he also aquired his father's name. His father's name being Al Haadi Abdur Rahman Al Madhi, may God rest his soul. His full name at birth was Isa Al Haadi Al Madhi and if you check the records in the Hall of Records in Sudan you will see that his birth was indeed recorded. No birth certificate was issued because one was not required by law as a Sudanese. Upon arriving back in the United States in Boston Massachusetts, he was registered on July 3rd 1945 A.D. as male "York" and an American birth certificate was drawn up.

Just like everyone else, there are 2 sides to the family, the mother's and the father's. The name "York" comes from his mother's previous marriage to a man named David P. York who is a descendant of Ben York of the Louis and Clark Expedition. His mother Mary C. York's maiden name is Mary C. Williams, daughter of Leila and Bobby Williams. Leila Williams was the sister to David P. York's father making Mary C. York and David P. York related by blood linking back to Ben York.
As stated before, Dr. Malachi Z. York was given the arabic name Isa Al Haadi Al Madhi at birth which was the name he used up until 1992 when he legally changed his name from Isa Al Haadi Al Madhi to Malachi York. Malachi York became his legal name when Honorable Judge Robert Williams ordered the authorization on March 12th 1993. This has been his legal name ever since. Dr. Malachi Z. York was never legally known as Dwight D. York and in fact Dwight York is the name of his oldest son.

Dwight York vs. Malachi YorkThey have the wrong man!!!
Imagine if you were a special prosecutor, you spearheaded a three year criminal case with six years of investigation, you rallied hundreds of federal agents and other law enforcement from over 10 different counties to execute the largest raid in the history of Georgia just to arrest one man, you succeeded in getting around 4 faulty indictments and convinced newspapers like the Macon Telegraph and the Union Recorder to print bias and discriminating articles in your favor, you receive hero awards from the Kiwanis Club and the ADL for creating one of the highest profile Native American cases in history. You spent millions of tax payer’s dollars just to destroy lives and ruin families, only to discover that all along you had the WRONG PERSON!!!
That is exactly what Sheriff Howard Richard Sills, Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard S. Moultrie Jr., U.S. Attorney Max Woods and the other state and federal prosecutors have done in their case against “Dwight York”. However they knew all along they had arrested Malachi York, the wrong person. The big question is; If they knew that the charges they launched wasn’t for the man they arrested, indicted, arraigned, degraded and tortured for over 545 days, why not just offer the over due apology and let the man out of prison? The answer is simple THEY CAN NOT AFFORD THAT, they spent too much money and too much time and too many careers are at stake to have it end in “Sorry we had the wrong person”, but we have news for you because according to the law, that is exactly what has to happen because you do have the wrong person.
Since the beginning of this trial the name that has been on all of the documentation has been Dwight D. York, however the man they have in prison is Malachi Z. York. How did that happen? The whole confusion started and was perpetrated by an over zealous Sheriff of a small county Putnam County Sheriff Howard Richard Sills and his efforts to find “dirt” on Malachi Z. York Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird of the Yamassee Native Americans. He was unsuccessful because there were no felonious records for Malachi; the name didn’t come up, however the name that did come up was “Dwight”. So instead of apologizing for thinking that the only way a Black Native American chief could be as accomplished as he was, would be thru something illegal he starts alleging that Malachi York’s real name is Dwight and it is not. Once again he has let racism and hatred get in the way of the technical facts
Lets start from the beginning, on Malachi York’s Birth Certificate it simply says “York” not Dwight York, and not Dwight D. York, just York.

The Putnam County Sheriff Sills was aware of this fact because it was legally documented on March 15th 2000 in the Deposition of Planning and Engineering Assistant Marianne Tanner, conducted by Attorney Ralph Goldberg and transcribed by certified court reporter, W. Stephen Walker, CCR #B-572. Marianne Tanner openly admitted that she was aware that Malachi York and Dwight York were two different people. She even go as far as to say that she has met Dwight York but has never met Malachi York and that Dwight York was in his 30’s almost half the age of Malachi York.
Even further back in June 29th 1999, when Malachi Z. York was forced to take the stand by Ocmulgee Circuit Superior Court Judge Hugh V. Wingfield III in the case 99-CV-1-1 and the first question asked by the then prosecuting attorney (impersonating the county attorney) Francis Nearn Ford was, “for the record state your name” and Mr. York responded under oath, “Malachi York”. Soon after the judge acknowledged his rights he was allowed off of the witness stand. BUT WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF THAT WAS NOT HIS NAME??? The county would have charged Malachi York with perjury, placed him in contempt for false testimony. Frank Ford or even Sheriff Sills for that matter could have jumped up and said “Ah Ha! We have documents that prove he is lying and his legal name is Dwight!” Both Frank Ford and Sheriff Sills would have loved to catch Mr. York in a lie in public and even better on the stand under oath but they couldn’t. Sheriff Sills knew that Dwight and Malachi was not the same person but he was in too deep to change so that is when he started that A.K.A. business trying to allege that Malachi York uses many names. However out of the names that he did use “Dwight” was never one of them. After investigation of the whole issue with the mistaken identity and the false name, the federal prisons and jails have taken special consideration not to make the same mistake that the prosecution has made so now in their system everything has the name Malachi on it. They won’t even let his mail get to him unless it says “Malachi York”.
When Malachi York receives postal money orders which states that it is legal tender for the United States, it has his legal name Malachi on the money orders. Both money orders and Judge’s orders are legal documents one with state or federal seals and the other with seal from the U.S. Treasury. That means that it is a federal offense to falsify that document in addition and more importantly if Malachi is not his name then every banker that processed and cashed those money orders are guilty of fraud. Every jailer of prison financial officer that ever received or had in their possession, etc. are also guilty of the same thing. One time Malachi’s commissary became so large that the prison had the write Mr. York a check and whose name did they put on there??? That’s Right MALACHI YORK!!! If that is the case then the law enforcement personnel that wrote the check and the bank that cashed it are guilty of fraud and everyone else who had to approve it are accomplices to fraud.
The most resent order by Federal District Judge Ashley C. Royal, the Order for a change of Venue, all throughout the order he refers to his name as Malachi York. Now this is another legal document it doesn’t get any more legal than a Judge’s order. This is further proof that they realize this huge mistake in identity that they made that is going to cost them the whole case. This is the very reason for so long they refuse to release the arrest warrant. They all know that if that arrest warrant doesn’t say Malachi and says Dwight then they are going to have to release Malachi and find Dwight, because the law is very specific and strict in making sure that who is on the warrant is who is being arrested. Of course they are going to argue that the name issue is a mere technicality and they are right it is a technicality and that is why the law is very specific with the requirements that’s needed before you can destroy someone’s life forever to keep the innocent for being wrongfully persecuted. Well Malachi York is just that, wrongfully persecuted, now understand this, many hundreds of thousands of guilty people have been freed based on a technicality; we want to know if that works for the innocent as well. Can they be freed on a technicality a technical mistake? Or does the justice system pick and choose which technical mistakes they have to adhere to and in whose case???
They slipped up once again in a news broadcast on WXIA-TV 11 Alive October 2, 2003 entitled “Nuwaubian Sect Leader Linked to Fake Checks” where it quotes “Police arrested the group’s leader 36-year-old Dwight D. York…” (emphasis added) this is no coincidence they KNOW that they have the wrong person and it is slipping out every day! One could argue that these are all typographical errors or mis-quotes but why is it that all of these “errors” just so happen to be the real Dwight’s age??? They don’t make a mistake and say he is in his 20s or 40s they hit it right on the nail, in his 30s the same age of the man Marianne Tanner claimed to have met!!! All goes to show you that this plot that they devised is coming to an end and its coming fast. Too many lawsuits have come out of mistaken identity and wrongful arrests, and rest assured there will be lawsuits after this wrongful arrest as well. This just shows you how sloppy and un-thorough the work was done behind this case. They were so sure that they would win off of that bogus plea that they half heartedly researched into all the mistakes they are now making, and this is one of the biggest mistakes yet. It will be embarrassing but they brought in on themselves by listening to an over zealous sheriff that wanted nothing more than to bring down a nation of indigenous Native Americans and their chief all because of deeply imbedded racism that has been in the settlers and the confederates for generations. The facts are here and it is only a matter of time now before they are going to have to address this significant mistake. Many legal experts have stated that there are already grounds for a mistrial because if there is any one on the jury that may have known or have any knowledge of the doings of the real Dwight York that could cause them to have a biased opinion while acting as a juror when in fact they would be prejudice against Malachi York thinking it is the son then that ends the trial right there! Once again we assert that if he can’t even get a fair indictment with HIS name on it then he definitely can’t have a fair trial in their court system. Malachi will be freed. We fight on!!!
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